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A Confused Generation of College Students

Mark Penn, a prominent Democratic pollster released new results of surveys taken late last week on what Americans think about the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of Americans, 84%, support Israel over the Hamas terrorists. The only group of Americans who are NOT fully supportive of Israel are young people of college age (18-24).

Here are a few examples of how the young differ from older adults in their opinions on the attacks.

      • Side with Israel over Hamas.
        84% of all voters
        Only 52% of college-age voters
      • There is no moral equivalency between Hamas’ murders and Israel’s actions.
        61% of all voters say there is no moral equivalency
        Only 36% of young voters say there is no moral equivalence
      • Do not believe that Hamas terrorists killed 1200 Israeli civilians by shooting, raping and beheading people.
        17% of all voters don’t believe it happened
        32% of young voters (almost twice as many) don’t believe it

As Penn summarizes the situation: “College-aged students are completely misinformed about the facts and biased against Israel.”

That leads us to wonder, who filled their heads with all these wrongheaded and even bigoted ideas?

Who’s Side Are You On?


Or them?

College students are having a hard time deciding.

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