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A Miscarriage Of Justice

When it came to the January 6th U.S. Capitol riot, the Biden Justice Department conducted a campaign of “shock and awe,” and charged 846 people with crimes. Dozens of them have been locked up for nearly 18 months in pretrial confinement.

Cruel, unusual, and capricious.

But what about those facing charges from the George Floyd riots? It’s altogether a different story. Last week, two radical lawyers who threw a Molotov cocktail into a New York police van struck a stunningly lenient plea deal with the Justice Department. Attorneys Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and possessing destructive devices.

Mattis was accused of having several firebombs in his vehicle and was videotaped attempting to hand them out to other rioters. Rahman was unapologetic, saying “the only way they hear us is through violence.”

The pair faced 30 years in prison. Instead, the prosecutors asked that the pair only serve 18 months to two years in prison. Many of the even nonviolent protesters on January 6th have already been in jail for nearly 18 months.

Our justice system is no longer blind. It is all politics.


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