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A New Alliance Between Unions And…The Communist Party?

We called your attention to the bad news that this week Michigan will become the first state in some 50 years to repeal a right-to-work law. Every Democrat in the legislature voted to strip away a worker’s right to choose. (Now Michigan workers will be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment.)

We were struck by this tweet from the American Communist Party celebrating the “victory” for workers.

What’s sadly ironic is that throughout all of the 20th century the unions in America – despite their many other flaws – were staunch anti-communists. It was Lech Walesa, the Polish labor leader representing miners who heroically stood up to the communist tyrants who wouldn’t allow unions and the right of workers to collectively bargain. Reagan and the unions worked together to liberate workers and defeat Communism.

We now apparently have a compact between the modern-day Communists and the AFL-CIO. Talk about making a deal with the devil.

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