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A Useful Reminder of the Benefits of LEGAL Immigration

We worry that Biden’s outrageous open border policies have masked the huge benefits of legal immigration.

The story of Indian Americans is astonishing – with their median annual household income being $119,000.

“Although they make up about 1% of American society, they pay about 6% of the taxes,” says GOP Congressman Richard McCormick, who represents many Indian immigrants in the Atlanta suburbs. “They’re amongst the top producers, and they do not cause problems. They follow the laws.”

He adds: “One out of every five doctors in my community are from India. We should streamline the immigration process for those who come here to obey the law and pay their taxes and be the most creative and productive in society.”

A recent National Bureau of Economic Research paper by two University of California at Davis economists concludes that immigrants to the US boost both wages and employment for native-born Americans. Skilled immigration results in an occupational upgrading of the jobs held by the native-born, raising wages for even less educated workers.

Just a useful reminder that legal Immigration is still one of America’s great comparative advantages.

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