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A Victory for “Women’s Rights” or an Excuse for a Mad Shopping Spree?

If you haven’t seen this video of E. Jean Carroll holding hands with her lawyers as she celebrates her $83 million jackpot award by a jury last week to be paid by Donald Trump, you really should take a look. It’s sad but humorous too.

MSNBC and CNN have been trumpeting this absurd “defamation” jury award as a victory for sisterhood against that no-good Donald Trump.

But the jig was up when E. Jean Carroll joyfully reported on MSNBC that she intends to spend her award money – not on charitable causes like shelters for battered women – but to buy new dresses and shoes, a motorcycle, and take a trip to France with her new bosom-buddy pal Rachel Maddow. One of her lawyers quickly interjected that E. Jean was joking. It sure didn’t seem that way to us. She comes across as a witless, money-grubbing publicity hound.

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