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Academy Awards to Institute Racial Quotas To Determine Oscar Winners

There is no more woke institution in America than Hollywood – so this depressing story shouldn’t surprise any of us.

Starting next year, no film can be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award unless it meets “diversity” standards. A nominated film must meet standards that include the number of underrepresented minorities as on-camera actors or in senior leadership positions with the film or studio.

Nikolaj Arcel, the director of The Promised Land, stepped in and tried to reassure the audience the film could meet the standard even though it was set in 1750s Denmark – when there were few minorities around.

“We do have a big plotline about a girl of color who is being subjected to racism,” he said. “She was probably at the time one of the only “girls of color” in the entire country of Denmark.”

Could the Godfather – one of the greatest movies ever made – have won the Oscar under these new standards? There weren’t too many blacks appearing in that movie, but that wasn’t racism. There just weren’t that many black, Italian members of the mafia in the 1950s.

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