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Add Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to the Long, Long List of School Choice Hypocrites

The Republican legislature is making another push for school choice, while the Democratic governor (whose own kids are in private school) is going all out to stop it. We just saw it in North Carolina – where the governor lost and the kids won.

It’s the same scenario in Kentucky, but with a bigger challenge: because of a liberal state supreme court decision that overturned the state’s landmark 2021 school choice law (enacted over Beshear’s veto), the Kentucky fight will take the form of a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year – possibly the same day as next year’s presidential election.

“I would absolutely vote against a voucher or school choice program, and if it comes to a vote, I would work hard on mobilizing” voters to do the same, Beshear said yesterday.

While the school choice fight sets up for 2024, Beshear himself faces the voters in just a few weeks. His opponent, Republican state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, supports school choice.

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