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Affluent Chicago Suburb Highland Park Cancels “Poverty Simulation” Event

You may have heard the news that wealthy liberals in Highland Park, IL were planning an event this Saturday at a posh country club where participants would spend a few hours ”role playing what it is like to live in poverty.”

Here’s a sad update: The virtue-signaling “simulation” event had to be cancelled because other progressive groups took to social media sites and trashed the planned gathering as a “tone deaf” stunt and a sign of “white privilege” – which for a rich liberal is akin to being called a serial killer.

The event that was “designed by social service professionals” was trashed as a “way for rich people to feel good about themselves” – which seems to us completely unfair since just about everything progressives do is mostly about feeling good about themselves. In any case it looks like it will be back to the golf course or the spa this weekend in Highland Park.

Here’s our advice to the folks in Highland Park: if you really and truly want to help the poor: skip the role-playing and help them get a job.

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