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Alberta Premier: Buy Your Gas Cars Now

Yesterday, we reported that Canada’s leftist politicians want to ban the sale of all gas and diesel vehicles by 2035 in order to force the adoption of electric vehicles and to stop global warming. (If there is any place on the planet that would benefit from a slight warming of temperatures, it’s surely Canada.)

But the reigning climate fanatics in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, are dead serious. In response, Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith advises: “If anyone needs a car, they better buy it now,” she said. “You’re going to be sitting on a list waiting your turn… we’re entering into a period of rationing.”

Smith notes the net zero-emissions push by Justin Trudeau’s government will make it impossible for Alberta to generate enough electricity to charge vehicles for five million people – not to mention building enough charging stations throughout the province.

We recently hailed Premier Smith as a rising star when she invoked the Canadian Sovereignty Act in defiance of the zero-emission mandate enacted by Ottawa. The next Canadian election will be held in 2025 and as of now the Conservative Party of Canada has a 13-point lead over Trudeau’s Liberal Party. If Canada wants to save itself, the voters should look to Smith as the next Prime Minister.

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