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All Of The Original Covid “Science” Was Wrong

Remember the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD)? This was a statement signed by dozens of eminent health experts from around the country who called for a traditional public health approach: “focused protection” of the most vulnerable rather than crippling lockdowns.

Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, Fauci’s boss at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), schemed to discredit what they called the “fringe epidemiologists” behind the declaration. Remarkably, Collins – one of COVID’s wrongest men – was rewarded for his efforts to suppress scientific dissent of lockdowns with a new position in the Biden administration:

We will continue to expose his perfidy, and towards that end note a new study by John Ioannidis of Stanford University, an expert in data science, that exposes how Collins et. al. used a massive social media campaign to discredit the Great Barrington signatories.

The study finds that the lockdowners used their lapdogs in the mainstream media, Big Tech companies, and Twitter to bombard their opponents with “misinformation, animosity, loss of decorum and disinhibition, among others.”

The result of this combination of false science and misinformation was worldwide suffering, social isolation, lost educational opportunities and trillions of dollars of debt as a result of the Lockdown Empire’s “victory.” Time to hold them accountable.

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