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Almost No One Trusts The Media Anymore – And For Good Reason

New Gallup Poll finds nearly two-thirds of America don’t trust that the media reports the news “fairly and accurately.”

For good reason. The national media spent almost a year and a half as bloodhounds chasing the Russia collusion hoax.” It was the fake news story of the decade. Then they worked together to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election.

The media’s scare story reporting on Covid was equally irresponsible. They got it wrong on the need for business lockdowns, school closures and even vaccinating kids.

They reported on “mostly peaceful” protests in the streets of our major cities when Americans could see the chaos, violence, and mayhem on their tv screens. Even the media’s own self-appointed “fact checkers” get the facts wrong routinely.

Instead of fixing the bias, the media bigwigs seem almost indignant that Americans have lost trust in their reporting and headlines.

The last time the majority expressed trust in the media was way back in 2003.

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