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Americans Keep Moving Further Away from the Inner Cities

They’re especially moving away from blue/progressive cities.

That’s the takeaway from a new Census Bureau analysis of population/migration trends in and out of the 500 largest cities in America.

Much of the movement outlined in central cities happened during and right after COVID. A big factor has been the tripling of the number of Americans now working from home.

Among towns 20 miles or more from city hall, the 2022-2023 growth was about 240,000, up from about 205,000 in 2018-2019. But, the data below show that the further out areas 50- 60 miles beyond the central cities (the ex-urban areas) are growing too.

Gee. We wonder why people are fleeing the central cities with Marxist/progressive governance. Could it be a crime? Illegal immigration? Horrible schools? High taxes? Drugs? High housing costs? Lousy public services?

We vote for all of the above.

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