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America’s Greatest Hypocrite, NC Governor Roy Cooper Sent His Daughter To Private School

We have confirmed that Cooper – who declared a state of emergency yesterday because he is in danger of losing the school choice debate to a veto-proof legislature – sent his own daughter to St. Mary’s School in Raleigh.

If his concern is that the place will be overrun with riffraff and minorities if they get access to opportunity scholarships, though, we have news for him. The school’s tuition is listed on its website as:


The bill Cooper opposes offers opportunity scholarships of $7,000 for low-income families, phasing down to $3000 as income rises. That may not be enough to make St. Mary’s available to the hoi polloi, but many North Carolina families could find alternatives that work better for their kids than the local public schools.

Let’s be very clear about the position of the teacher unions and many of the politicians they’ve bought off: good private schools should only be available to the rich – not low-income minorities. Who are the racists?

CTUP’s ad running this week couldn’t be better timed:

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