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America’s Power Outage

We’ve warned that the electric grid system is fragile and vulnerable because of the Biden war on American energy. This green energy policy has encouraged and even mandated the closure of coal and natural gas power plants – which supply 60% of our electricity.

Here’s the latest “Wake Up America” headline below from BIC – an energy industry newsletter.

Here is a short synopsis:

If temperatures spike this summer, parts of the United States could face electricity supply shortages. according to analysis by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The latest summer reliability report from NERC warns that two-thirds of North Americao is at risk of energy shortfalls this summer during periods of extremely high electricity demand.

Above-normal summer temperatures further push up demand and can reduce electricity supply if power plant outages or reduced output stem from heat-related issues. In addition, widespread heat waves can limit electricity transfers because the electricity is needed to meet local demand. The combination of higher electricity demand and reduced supply can cause energy shortfalls.

All 20 regions have adequate power resources to meet normal peak summer demand this year, according to NERC. However, certain assessment areas are at elevated risk of electricity supply shortages if confronted with more extreme summer conditions. These areas include the U.S. Western Interconnection, SPP, MISO, ERCOT, SERC-Central, and New England.

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