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An Easy Way For States To Lower Energy Costs

Last year electricity costs surged by 14.3%, double the 6.5% rise in the CPI.

How can states lower their energy costs? One easy way is for the blue states to repeal foolish Renewable Energy Standards (RES) that require utilities to purchase up to half of their power generation from expensive wind and solar power – and not cheaper natural gas and coal.

Consumers in states with RES policies pay a green energy “tax” that can raise their utility bills by sometimes twice what other states pay. For example, New Yorkers pay roughly 23 cents per kilowatt hour while Virginians pay 15 cents and Tennessee residents pay 13 cents.

We were struck by this admission from the leftwing National Council of State Legislators that much of the wind and solar market only exists because utilities are forced to buy it:

“Roughly half of the growth in U.S. renewable energy generation since the beginning of the 2000s can be attributed to state renewable energy requirements.”

In other words, if consumers had a choice, they would buy cheaper power.

That’s why a big priority for CTUP this year is to promote a “freedom to choose” energy policy in all the states.

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