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And the Landslide Winner in the Louisiana Governor Race Is…School Choice

The Republican Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, won the race in a 25 percentage point landslide against a field of candidates in this weekend’s off-year election.

He replaces Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, who was a ferocious opponent of school choice and vetoed multiple bills to expand parental choice.

Governor-elect Landry is a strong supporter of the universal school choice bill that passed Louisiana’s House by a 62-to-36 vote this spring.

“Our state is consistently ranked 50th in the country for the education we provide our children, despite spending more dollars per student than all of our neighbors in the southeast,” he told supporters.

“Parents should be empowered to decide how their child can best achieve their fullest academic potential.”

Landry has also said that he wants to chop or even eliminate the state income tax in Louisiana.

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