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And The Pandemic That Is “Over” Isn’t Over When It Comes To Voting

In New York Democratic governor Kathleen Hochel has also declared the Covid crisis over. But that didn’t stop the state’s Democratic Party from mailing millions of voters pre-filled “Statewide Voter Assistance Program” forms for absentee ballots. The Democrats even pre-checked the box for “COVID concerns” as the reason any voter will be applying for the ballot. (Why don’t the Dems just go ahead and fill out the ballots for these absentee voters as well?)

By state law, absentee ballots can only be requested in New York if the voter is away from home or too ill or disabled to get to a polling place.

New York voters are ALREADY on record as opposing any loosening of absentee ballot rules. Last year, New York’s legislature placed Proposition Four on the statewide ballot to allow anyone to cast an absentee ballot for any reason. The initiative failed by more than 10 points. Their intention is now being ignored.

And to think these are the people who accuse Trump supporters of being a “threat to democracy.”

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