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And The Rats (Er, Democrats) Are Finally Starting To Flee SS Biden

It only took 14 months, but FINALLY a prominent national Democrat has attacked the lunatic policies coming out of this White House. Here is the press statement released Monday by the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez:

“The Biden administration [attempts to] purchase Venezuelan oil, risks perpetuating a humanitarian crisis that has destabilized Latin America and the Caribbean for an entire generation. Nicolás Maduro is a cancer to our hemisphere and we should not breathe new life into his reign of torture and murder.

As such, I would strongly oppose any action that fills the pockets of regime oligarchs with oil profits while Maduro continues to deprive Venezuelans of basic human rights, freedoms, and even food…

The democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people, much like the resolve and courage of the people of Ukraine, are worth much more than a few thousand barrels of oil.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Senator.

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