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Another Climate Change Myth Busted

First, the number of polar bears was declining until that was proven to be false. Then the Greenland ice sheets were retreating but that too was exposed as inaccurate. Then it was more deaths from hurricanes, when deaths have fallen from natural disasters over the last century.

The latest myth to be busted is that the Sahara desert in Africa is expanding and a climate “tipping point” is threatening the future of humans and animals in the region. Prominent German climate researcher and Sahara expert Dr. Stefan Kröpelin of the University of Cologne concludes these claims are alarmism.

His findings show that rains have increased in the region since the 1990s and vegetation is spreading northward: “The desert is shrinking; it is not growing.”

It won’t surprise you that Kropelin’s result are being ignored by the professional climate model community. As we noted in recent issues, The scientific community refuses to accept scholarly results when they refute the left’s alarmist climate change narrative.

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