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Another Day, Another Story Of Fraud And Graft In Federal Covid Programs

This headline from ProPublica, a liberal non-profit journalism outfit caught our attention:

“In Nevada, it contracted with Greg and Angelo Palivos, brothers with deep ties to both Chicago and Las Vegas, to build clientele and manage operations. Their father, Peter Palivos, is a prolific contributor to Nevada political campaigns and close enough with Gov. Steve Sisolak that the two met regularly in the early days of the governor’s administration.”

It’s a sordid tale, available in detail at:

Who picked up the tab? You did, of course:

“As of May 5, the company had collected nearly $165 million from the federal government, 11th most among more than 28,000 companies nationwide seeking reimbursement for testing uninsured individuals.”

The Congressional Research Service reports that Congress has committed $105.2 billion of federal taxpayer dollars to COVID testing – and maybe much more in flexible grant funds.

We doubt this is the only case of widespread fraud with the tens of billions of dollars spent on testing.

Congrats to ProPublica for uncovering this scam operation. And shame on Congress for never investigating.

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