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Another Reality Check: Biden’s Record on Covid MUCH Worse than Trump’s

Speaking of our favorite White House flak KJP, yesterday she also repeated the lie that Biden solved the COVID crisis that was thrown into his lap by the “incompetent previous” administration.

But this is another false narrative that we will hear a lot of over the coming months as the campaign season heats up. Actually, the official statistics tell an amazing story that has been mysteriously under-reported. The bottom line: More people died from COVID under Biden than under Trump, even though the most dangerous and deadliest variant hit when Trump was president, and even though when Biden entered office, Trump handed his administration the vaccine that was developed in nine months thanks to Operation Warp Speed.

So the strain of the virus was less deadly AND we had a vaccine available under Biden and we STILL had more deaths. We’d call that “incompetence,” Ms. Jean-Perre.

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