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Are Americans Moving to Red States Because of the Sunshine, Or the Low Taxes?

For years the left hasn’t been able to explain why so many millions upon millions of Americans are leaving blue state paradises for supposed culturally inferior red states.

The obvious answer is lower taxes, less union power, lighter regulation, and pro-business policies that create jobs.

But now the media is echoing what Paul Krugman and others have posited as the only explanation: people are rushing to warm weather and sunshine.

Here’s a recent headline from Axios AM:

It is true that the six fastest-growing states – Florida, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee — are in the warm region of the South. Amazingly, these states now add more to the national GDP than the entire Northeast.

But this isn’t primarily because of sunshine. Look at two of the biggest loser states: California and Hawaii. These are the sunniest states in America and people are leaving.

Meanwhile, Idaho and Utah are two of the fastest-growing states, and it’s crazy cold up there in these mountain states.

But that’s where you go if you want freedom.

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