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Are Republicans And Big Biz Getting A Divorce?

We were struck by this chart from the WSJ earlier this week showing that corporate PAC donations are migrating away from Republican candidates.

Some of this decline in corporate support is due to the GOP’s wrongheaded “break up big tech” campaign and the party’s slide away from free trade – one of the pillars of prosperity.

But a bigger reason for the breakup is that big business is increasingly aligning itself with big government. Democrats are passing out Biden Bucks and corporate America lusts for the free money. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have Ben pipelines into the coffers of the Climate Change Industrial Complex, semiconductor companies, and “infrastructure” spending.

The GOP should be the party of the 80 million small businessmen and women who employ more than half of our workers. These companies don’t have PACs and lobbyists and fancy K Street Washington offices. They just want to be left alone. Who can blame them?

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