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Arizonans Support Kill The Bill

We are all sitting on pins and nails waiting for a decision from Arizona’s Sinema on the fate of the Biden half trillion dollar tax and spend bill.  Will see save the country? No one seems to know, but we do know that she would be a hero in Arizona if she squashes this sham deal.

The first poll we’ve seen on the bill in Arizona shows it’s a political loser:

    • 54% of respondents believe that a major spending and tax bill would cause inflation to increase.
    • “Inflation and the cost of living” was the #1 issue when respondents were asked “which issue is personally most important to you in deciding your vote for Governor and US Senate.”
    • 63% believe said that Congress should not increase taxes during a recession.
    • 59% of respondents believe the United States is already in a recession with another 20% worried about recession.

Steve Moore Puts the Squeeze on Sinema on Hannity Last Night

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