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Back To School – Except In Liberal Hellholes (i.e. Blue States)

Well, just as we feared: the politicians learned NOTHING from the first rounds of Covid.

So now, with the holiday break over, and time to get kids back in the classroom, and after taxpayers shelled out about $190 billion in ransom payments to the teachers unions to get them to, you know, teach, 2,200 schools are closed today.

And guess what: they are almost all in blue states and blue cities.

New Jersey is the worst offender, with over a quarter of all students in the state locked out.

The effect of lost schooling for millions of school-age children were extremely negative and the kids who suffered the most were the lowest income and minority students, for whom online schooling was ineffective and alternative education opportunities were scarce.

Closing schools has been shown in study after study to actually increase spread, because students and teachers not in school are in the community, where infections spread more easily. That’s the “science” the left chooses to ignore.

President Joe Biden got it right when he said: “We can keep our K-through-12 schools open, and that’s exactly what we should be doing.”

Shouldn’t he be doing more to get his top financial supporters – the teachers unions – on board?

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