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Believe It or Not: A Hollywood Film That Celebrates the American Dream

Hollywood has released a blockbuster movie – the first in ages – that tells the story of a great American business success, celebrates entrepreneurial values, and is even kid-friendly.

“Air” is the story of how underdog shoe company Nike in 1984 landed Michael Jordan right out of college as their superstar spokesman. They then introduced to the world the most famous and by far the most profitable shoe in history: the “Air Jordan.”

Click to watch the trailer:

Air, which had a rousingly successful first weekend at the box office, follows Nike recruiters who decide to entice Michael Jordan to become the face of the new line of shoes. Facing stiff competition from rivals Adidas and Converse, they pull out all the stops to make it happen.

The film stars Matt Damon as a Nike recruiter and Ben Affleck as Nike CEO Phil Knight.

But in this film – along with some nods to political correctness – they’ve produced a celebration of American ingenuity and the power of visionary thinking and individual striving. And a young black man from rural North Carolina becomes one of the richest, most admired, and most recognizable people on the planet.

It could only happen in “racist” America.

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