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Biden Admin. ADMITS Its Auto Regulations Harm Consumers

Biden’s fuel economy regs that functionally mandate a transition to electric vehicles are an economic disaster that increases the cost of buying a new car.  But you probably assumed the Department of Transportation would cook the books enough to claim these regulations would somehow save consumers money. They didn’t even bother this time.

Kudos to Michael Buschbacher and James Conde for finding this gem buried deep in the regulations:

That gig is up. Reality has finally made it impossible to churn out such self-aggrandizing propaganda with a straight face. But we didn’t actually expect bureaucrats to say the quiet part out loud.

We read the Transportation Department’s newly proposed fuel economy regulations so you don’t have to. Buried deep on page 56,342 of volume 88 of the Federal Register, the agency makes this concession about its latest proposed rules: “Net benefits for passenger cars remain negative across alternatives.” In plain English, this means that mandating ever-more-stringent fuel economy for passenger cars will harm society.

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