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Biden Admin: No Experience Necessary

By now you’ve probably heard about our just-released study, which analyzed the private sector business experience of the current administration. We found:

      • The median years of business experience is zero.
      • 62% of the Biden appointees dealing with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy, and finance have no practical experience working in the private sector.
      • The vast majority of the Biden economic/commerce team consists of professional politicians, lawyers, community organizers, academics, lobbyists, and government employees.

The WSJ wrote it up here:

Breitbart covered it too:

The study has been covered by Fox and other news outlets multiple times in the last 24 hours. Here is a clip from Hannity last night:

You can read the full report here:

One of our members had a great take on this: so much for a “diverse” cabinet.

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