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Biden Admin Worried About Racist Robots

Joe Biden seems to be intent on doing all he can to strangle in the crib the coming artificial intelligence revolution that has the capacity to improve our lives in profoundly positive ways – from curing cancer to giving sight to the blind, to discovering the mysteries of the universe, to eliminating most menial and tedious jobs.

His first act was to name Kamala Harris the AI czarina – which, we noted last week, makes as much sense as putting Pee Wee Herman in charge of the military or putting Pete Buttigieg in charge of fixing the supply chain problem. (Oh yeah, he actually did that.)

Biden’s executive order on AI policy is not about making sure America is the next-generation tech leader. Instead, it reads like it was written by a 23-year-old woke White House intern just graduating from Columbia:

Artificial Intelligence policies must be consistent with my Administration’s dedication to advancing equity and civil rights.  My Administration cannot — and will not — tolerate the use of AI to disadvantage those who are already too often denied equal opportunity and justice.  From hiring to housing to healthcare, we have seen what happens when AI use deepens discrimination and bias, rather than improving quality of life.  Artificial Intelligence systems deployed irresponsibly have reproduced and intensified existing inequities, caused new types of harmful discrimination, and exacerbated online and physical harms. 

We can’t help but despair: China is going to eat our lunch.

Is it a coincidence that they are white??

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