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Biden Administration’s Pentagon Vaccine Requirements Weakened Our Military

Did the government get ANYTHING right when it came to Covid? Seemingly every day, we are discovering the cost of the litany of outrageous blunders.

Two years ago, the Biden administration dismissed 8,331 members of the U.S. military solely because they refused to take specific COVID vaccines mandated by the Pentagon. Thousands more of our soldiers were given career-destroying “reprimands.”

At the time, the White House assured us these actions would “not affect military readiness.” It was all shamefully untrue and a sad commentary on how even our military under Biden has been infected by leftist ideology that is completely contrary to the role of our armed forces.

Now the U.S. Army — though not exactly owning up to its snafu — is begging people it discharged to return to service and will even allow them to correct their service records.

The Army is a full 33,000 troops below its 2021 strength levels and it is missing its recruitment goals by 25%.

Those who return will likely receive no compensation for the unfairness and trauma they experienced.

This Thanksgiving we salute those soldiers who courageously stood up to the politicized Biden administration rules and stood up for their rights.

They deserve a Medal of Honor.

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