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Biden Admits that Bidenflation Is STILL Out of Control

Joe Biden declined the traditional presidential Super Bowl interview again this year, even though the game this year was not on FOX but on the Biden-friendly CBS network. Instead, he posted this rant:

The 48-second video was assembled with 15(!) cuts.

The irony is that in recent weeks Biden has been boasting that inflation is coming down. “Shrinkflation” is just a disguised form of Bidenflation. You pay more at the store for less. Add 5% to the official cost of everything. Wait a minute. We don’t recall a problem with shrinkflation when Trump was president. Do you?

We’ve come up with our own term to describe what’s happening. You’ve heard of the term “a baker’s dozen.” That of course is 13 eggs – rather than 12. This dates back to medieval England when bakers were accused of using fewer eggs and less wheat when baking. They could be flogged if caught. To ensure that they offered 13 eggs when the customer paid for a dozen.

A Baker’s Dozen

A “BidenDozen.” That’s 11 eggs instead of 12. Thanks, Joe.

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