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Biden And Democrats Are Spending $5 Billion On “Green” School Buses

This isn’t a misprint. We didn’t mean to say $5 million for electric school buses. It REALLY is $5 BILLION over five years. 

Mind you these are the new green buses that will drive our 8- and 10-year-olds to the very public schools that aren’t teaching the kids how to read or write (according to the latest depressing national testing scores).

This EPA program was announced in Seattle by Vice President Kamala Harris. (Hooray, they finally found something she can’t screw up.) The money funnels through the $300 billion green energy slush fund stashed away in the Inflation Acceleration Act.

“These investments are going to go everywhere school buses go,” gushed Kamala. So now even our education dollars are being intercepted by the green lobby. The tragedy is that with $5billion, tens of thousands of school kids could be given $12,000 vouchers to receive an excellent education at schools that care more about teaching the kids math, Science, phonics, and history than they do about climate change.

And by the way, school buses should be yellow – not green.

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