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Biden Attacks the Highest Court of the Land

Joe Biden’s comeback address last night was a feeble attempt to regain the support of the far-left troops of the Democratic Party (these days that’s a redundancy) by assailing the recent string of Supreme Court decisions.

Ironically, just a while back he was assailing Republicans as “dangers to democracy” for daring to question the fairness of the New York jury verdict against Trump. Now he is saying that the rulings of the highest court in the land are extreme and should be overturned. He even advised the American people to “dissent” from this decision.

Wasn’t this speech a danger to the rule of law? Isn’t THIS an incitement to violence?

Here is a perfect quote from Utah Senator Mike Lee, on Biden’s shaky four minutes of court-bashing yesterday:

That said, if this speech can rally liberals behind him, we are all for it.

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