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Biden Family Victimized by Washington’s Crime Spree

Is no one safe in America’s capital anymore? On Sunday Secret Service agents protecting President Biden’s granddaughter opened fire on three men breaking into their unoccupied SUV in the upscale neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

What a black eye for America. What’s next, carjackers raiding the President’s limo in the middle of his motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue?

When will Democrats wake up to the fact that the nation’s capital has become a war zone with 6,000 stolen vehicles this year and violent crime up over 40 percent since 2022 in the city? Blacks are the principal victims of these crimes.

Last month, Texas Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar had his car stolen at gunpoint and back in February Rep. Angie Craig, a Minnesota Democrat, was assaulted in the elevator of her apartment building.

Earlier this year 173 House Democrats voted against a bill to ban a DC Council act that would have reduced punishments for violent crimes, including carjackings. Are Democrats running as the pro-crime party?

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