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Biden FCC Nominee Got Sweetheart Deal From Broadcasters She Would Regulate

Gigi Sohn, Biden’s pick to cement a liberal majority at the FCC, saw her  nomination stall last year, because of ethics issues. Now she has been re-nominated to the same position and Democrats are reportedly working on a deal in which Sohn would recuse herself from a swath of FCC business to pave the way for a party-line approval.

One stumbling block to her nomination has been Senate skepticism of Sohn’s involvement in a streaming company called Locast, which was sued out of business by the broadcasters for stealing their sports content.  Locast owed $32 million, but suddenly after Sohn was nominated to the FCC, the broadcasters agreed to a new settlement of just $700,000 – a nifty 98% reduction. Coincidence?

In a sane world, this revelation would be the end of her nomination. But the left, which professes to believe in good government, doesn’t seem to care about ethics anymore when it comes to their nominees. So they are plowing ahead and we will see whether Senate Dems confirm her on a straight party-line vote.


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