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Biden Interior Brings Back “Sue And Settle” Scams To Fund Leftist Groups

“Sue and Settle” was a scam that began in the Obama years.

Under this scheme, a federal agency would encourage a liberal special interest group to bring a lawsuit. The agency then settles the suit and the third party collects a big payday settlement. The settlements then establish new rules out of thin air without any vote in Congress.

Trump ended the scam, but now Biden has rescinded those rules. Trump had established a transparency website that exposed for all to see how much the Interior Department pays in attorneys fees to liberal legal advocacy groups in settlement fees and consent decrees.

Interior agreed last year to pay the Center for Biological Diversity $140,000 in attorney fees following a lawsuit over the Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

We expect far more of these scam settlements in the months ahead. We will keep you posted.

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