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Biden Is Making Us Miserable

Replacing Trump with Biden was supposed to bring joy to the land from sea to sea. But just the opposite: an ongoing survey by the University of Chicago finds that Record percentages of Americans in 2021 described themselves as “unhappy.”

For most of the past 50 years, about one in ten Americans have described themselves as unhappy. Now one in four do. Normally, about one In three Americans say they are “very happy. ” Now less than two in ten do.

Gee, we wonder why Americans are so glum all of a sudden.

Let us count the ways. Isolation and loneliness from lockdowns and travel restrictions; rising crime; business failures (from lockdowns); health concerns due to the virus which Biden promised he would “shutdown;” financial stress from inflation; schools shutdown; and the fact that “woke” America is joyless. Nothing is funny anymore because it might offend someone, somewhere, sometime. (When is the last time you saw a funny movie?).

What is sadly ironic about all of this is that the most unhappy people are Democratic voters. They got their leader in office and now they’re miserable.

Serves them right.

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