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Biden Is The Biggest Spender Of Them All

In case you didn’t see Steve Moore’s piece in the New York Post this weekend, it exposes the $8 trillion in additional debt America will ring up through 2023 due to Biden’s fiscal policies of big spending bills, high inflation, and pitiful economic growth.

This may be surprising to some given that Biden claims to have slashed the deficit by more than $1.4 trillion, which he says is “the largest debt reduction in American history.”

Every president is prone to exaggerating their record. This whopper isn’t even within the galaxy of the truth.

The chart below shows the gap between the Trump baseline that Biden inherited and the much worse numbers today.

Larry Kudlow notes that the economy was growing at 6.5% when Biden took office yet for the last year has limped forward at barely 1%.

Where’s the growth?

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