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Biden Mandates Are Being Pummeled By The Courts

Yesterday we reported that the Biden mandate requiring every health care provider that takes Medicare or Medicaid to fire their unvaccinated employees – causing staff shortages – was enjoined in 10 states. Now in a separate case the mandates have been challenged nationally.

Judge Terry Doughty in the Western District of Louisiana issued the national injunction in a case brought by Louisiana, Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia and led by Louisiana AG Jeff Landry.

Full decision:

Separately, the federal contractor mandate that purports to require every company that has a contract (or subcontract) with the federal government to fire or discipline its unvaccinated employees – including thousands in mission-critical national security roles – was enjoined by Judge Gregory Van Tanenhove in the Eastern District of Kentucky. He limited his injunction to the plaintiff states of Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Full decision:

With more lawsuits and an administration in retreat this could need updating by the time you read it, but our understanding of the current status of Biden’s five mandates is:

        • OSHA – stayed nationally
        • CMS – enjoined nationally
        • Contractor – enjoined only in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee
        • Military – Army/Navy/Marines will not discharge but will bar from reenlistment, promotions
        • Government employees – new memo said you’re not fired until next year


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