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Biden Now Negotiating With Venezuela, Next On The Docket China And N. Korea?

Maybe nothing this imbecilic Biden administration does should surprise us anymore, but we did spill our coffee this morning when we read the Washington Post headline below about a secret Biden administration meetings in Caracas, Venezuela with fascist leader Nicolás Maduro:

A few thoughts spring into our heads.

First, whatever happened to the left’s mantra of the last several decades of “no blood for oil?”

Second, can you imagine if it were Donald Trump holding secret negotiations with the murderous regimes in Iran and Venezuela to increase oil production? There would be instant calls of yet another impeachment.

Third, doesn’t the fact that Biden is constantly making nice with fascist regimes make HIM the fascist?

Fourth, if Biden is sending secret envoys all across the world to beg governments to increase their oil output, we have an idea: why doesn’t Secretary of State Antony Blinken take a trip to … Austin, TX and negotiate a deal with Governor Greg Abbot? Texas has more oil than Iran and Venezuela put together.

We have contacted the House Republican leadership and suggested that they introduce today a resolution of condemnation of the Biden administration for consorting with our enemies. Stay tuned!

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