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Biden Plans To Eliminate 60% Of America’s Electric Power

Last week Biden announced that he is stopping production of all new coal plants and shutting down existing ones over the next decade. (Never mind that China is building dozens upon dozens of NEW coal plants.)

Then a few days later the Biden EPA announced new rules to “sharply reduce methane from the oil and natural gas industry.” The administration calls methane a “super-pollutant” that needs to be eliminated because it’s “many times more potent than carbon dioxide.” (That’s a truly preposterous claim because the increased reliance on natural gas is a major reason that emissions of air pollutants have DECLINED dramatically in recent years and decades.)

Methane is a hydrocarbon that comes from natural gas. Eliminating methane is a de facto ban on natural gas power plants.  Here is the sinister part of this story: Eliminating coal and natural gas plants will ravage America’s electric power capacity.

The chart below shows that we currently get 60% of our electric power from coal and gas. So they want to eliminate over half of our electric power at the same time these dunces want to put the entire transportation system on the electric grid as we “transition” to all-electric vehicles. More demand and way less supply. This will cause routine brownouts and blackouts (as California has experienced). The climate fanatics will then call for strict rationing of electricity.

This sounds like a fictitious plot by Dr. Evil to drag the American economy is on its knees. But it’s not. This is the real-life scheme of the lunatics that are running our country right now. Scary.

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