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Biden to Coal States: Drop Dead

Here’s a headline from Friday that got mostly overlooked, but will have a devastating effect on America’s energy security:

The plan would remove millions of acres of rich coal lands from development in states like Wyoming and Montana.

There is so much that is anti-America about this ruling that it is hard to know where to begin.  How about starting with the fact that the United States has at least 500 years of coal reserves? There is probably no place on the earth with more known reserves than the U.S.

Then there is the reality that over 35% of the world’s electricity comes from coal.  It’s not a question of whether the world will use coal, it’s a question of where the coal will come from.

As the figure below shows, the world’s largest polluter, China, is all in on coal. They aren’t transitioning away from coal. They are transitioning toward it with dozens of new plants under construction as we speak. No doubt Xi and the rest of the communists in Beijing are celebrating that Biden is going to make China the coal capital of the world.

Why is Biden doing something so contrary to America’s security and economic interests? News reports tell us that Biden’s war on coal is an attempt to win back “climate-focused” young voters who are trending toward Trump.

As a reminder, America produces clean coal. Below we show that emissions are way down in America in no small part because of far fewer emissions from modern coal plants.

So Biden is willing to make global pollution levels worse, put at risk American energy security and mining jobs, and empower/enrich our greatest adversary in China – all a cynical ploy to win votes? Can you think of anything LESS patriotic?

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