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Biden’s Ban on Gas Cars

We noted yesterday that the worst thing that ever happened to the electric vehicle industry was Joe Biden. By subsidizing them, mandating them, and browbeating manufacturers to make them, he’s made EVs toxic to well more than half the country.

The industry is collapsing and so now he’s doubling down on his mandates.

The mandates in the final rule are slightly less unachievable than his original pie-in-the-sky rule that mandated 67% battery-electric vehicles by model year 2032 (right now about 7.6% of new car sales are non-hybrid EVs). But his base scenario is still that 56% of all model year 2032 vehicle sales must be non-hybrid EVs.

Worse yet, Biden will only allow 64% of new vehicles sold in model year 2027 to be internal-combustion-only and just 29% in model year 2032. It’s 84% now.

There is NO way those mandates can be met without putting a figurative gun at car buyers’ heads and forcing them to purchase cars they don’t want.

Since demand for gas cars will far outstrip the supply (as per federal law), the price of gas cars will skyrocket. Americans will rush to buy gas cars now to avoid the stricter mandates later.

Democrats, of course, want to take the next step to the total ban by 2035 already adopted by California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington.

Which makes this headline denial in the New York Times truly absurd, infuriating, and dishonest:

Americans have love affairs with their cars. What’s next? Banning SUVs?

If Biden tries to actually enforce these Stalinist restrictions on buying the cars we want, it WILL be a bloodbath. There we said it.

At least Obama would have made some fake and hollow promises like: Under my plan, if you like your car, you can keep your car.

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