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Kenya’s Police Shoot and Kill “Treasonous” Anti-Tax Protesters

In recent days, Kenyan President William Ruto (Biden’s best buddy in Africa), labeled the thousands of anti-tax demonstrators who stormed Nairobi’s City Hall “treasonous,” and the police opened fire and killed a number of the protesters.

The massive citizen rallies are in opposition to the massive corruption and a  massive proposed tax increase – including a 20% VAT tax on bread and other food, new taxes on vehicles, and a 6% tax on digital services.

“We are tired of being slaves to the political class. We cannot continue funding their lifestyles while we have no jobs,” NPR quoted 20-year-old Brian Were, one of the protestors.

One of the sinister forces in this tax increase crusade was the morons who run the International Monetary Fund, who had advised the Kenyan government to close their budget deficit with a massive tax increase.

We think this incident could be the canary in the coal mine globally. Statism is spreading like a virus around the world and citizens are heroically fighting back. Now government tyrants are turning the police and military on their own people. Scary, and don’t be surprised if it happens here in a Biden second term.

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