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Biden’s Drug Price Controls Will Kill Tens of Thousands of Americans

Thanks to Bidenflation, the price for just about everything is soaring. Biden blames everyone – from gas station owners to “greedy corporations” to grocery stores, and now the drug companies – for high prices, except himself.

Yesterday, the White House announced government price controls on 64 pharmaceutical drugs.

No one’s happy with the high cost of drugs. And we are not shills for the pharmaceutical industry.

But price controls lower prices now in exchange for slower innovation and new cures in the future. Anyone with ALS, Parkinson’s, cancer, MS, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, and hundreds of other deadly or crippling medical disorders should be cursing Biden out loud.

A study by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that new pricing regulations mean that there will be 13 fewer new drugs brought to market in the next 30 years. University of Chicago economist Tomas Philipson predicts Biden-style price controls could mean 135 fewer drugs over the next fifteen years. He calculates that Biden’s new policy could stifle innovation and kill more Americans than COVID.

Biden is replacing Operation Warp Speed with Operation Snail’s Speed, so much for the race for the cure.

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