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Biden’s Enemies List

With the Biden administration testing new lows in approval ratings, you’d think some liberals would rethink some of its crazy policies.  No such luck.

Instead liberals have decided that Biden needs an enemies list.  Perhaps not quite the one Richard Nixon drew up in the 1970s, but one that will distract voters from Biden’s shambolic record.

Molly Jong-Fast, a liberal columnist at The Atlantic and Vogue, says Biden needs to shed his “nice-guy persona.”  She claims Americans don’t appreciate the fact they “have both cash and jobs.”  The “disconnect between the facts and the polls” means Biden should find “an enemy, a punching bag to absorb Americans’ anger (rational or irrational).”

James Carville, the Clinton consigliere who once tried to discredit Paula Jones’ sexual harassment suit by sneering, “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find,” agrees with Jong-Fast.   He told her:  “As of now the White House does not have good story tellers. Good stories need villains.”

The Biden administration has gone all in on this new scapegoating.  It’s launched an antitrust lawsuit against oil companies, arguing they are the cause of high gas prices.

The Washington Post reports White House aides “are considering whether to escalate an attack on parts of corporate America over rising consumer prices…..the administration would amplify criticisms of large firms in heavily concentrated industries for passing higher prices on to consumers as they benefit from high profits, the people familiar with the matter said. The effort would be aimed at both directing voters’ attention to companies over inflation as well as giving companies a reason to think twice before raising prices.”

Hmmm….on second thought those intimidation tactics sound like something Richard Nixon would admire and applaud.

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