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Biden’s High-Speed Rail Gambit

In 2008 California voters approved Prop 1A, which authorized $9.95 billion for high-speed rail from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Fifteen years later — no train — but a price tag of $35 billion just for the Bakersfield to Merced portion, which will take ten more years.

The latest projected cost for the full original route is now $106 billion, with the high-speed rail authority now admitting it could go to $128 billion. If you’re counting, that’s roughly a 600% cost overrun – which must be close to a world record.

But the Biden administration is unfazed. Biden recently committed $43 billion from his infrastructure slush fund to high-speed rail, which he touts as a “game-changing” technology to combat climate change. In other words, trains that no one will ride will replace cars – which is like moving backward in time in the evolution of transportation.

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