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Biden’s Mandate Will Make It Impossible To Meet Fuel Standards To Kill Gas-Cars

Some of our readers have told us they think we’ve been scare-mongering by saying that Biden wants to abolish cars.

Well, decide for yourself, because here’s the latest move by Biden’s climate crazies. The Biden Department of Transportation and EPA will mandate that auto companies meet an impossible target of 58 miles per gallon for their fleets by 2032, up sharply from the 49 miles a gallon now required in the model year 2026. The auto companies say this target will be nearly impossible to meet without making cars so expensive that few can buy them.

Is there a hidden motive here?  The American Accountability Foundation has uncovered an email thread from 2020 in which acting NHTSA head Ann Carlson, then a leftist California professor (she’s a perfect fit for the Biden admin) saw higher fuel requirements are a back door way to impose a
“ban on [gas] engines.” These new rules, she wrote, would “help California achieve the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone pollution, something very difficult to achieve as long as conventional vehicles remain on the road.” She admitted it was “impossible” for California to achieve its climate goals without “moving away from the internal combustion engine.”

Now she’s brought her looney California ideas to Washington.

Republicans in the Senate who want to save the American auto industry should reject Carlson’s nomination to head NHTSA.

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