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Biden’s Natural Gas Export Ban Could Cost Him Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is joining a chorus of liberal voices, sounding alarm bells on President Biden’s “temporary” ban on new Liquid Natural Gas exports.

“For whatever reasons that the administration put the pause in place I hope that it is very rapid,” says Gov. Shapiro. “This is critically important to our state.”

Shapiro isn’t alone. Pennsylvania’s two senators, John Fetterman and Bob Casey, are warning they will push for a Biden reversal if it doesn’t end soon. Pennsylvania is a state that has greatly benefited from drilling natural gas out of the vast Marcellus Shale. These are tens of thousands of high-paying mostly union jobs being put at risk in PA.

Shapiro says it is “a false choice” to believe policymakers must choose between jobs and protecting the planet. “We can do both,” he says.

Except, the Biden administration climate change fanatics care much more about “green” jobs than blue-collar jobs. If blue-collar Americans in PA have to lose their livelihoods as sacrifices to the god of climate change, that’s a price that the kids in the White House and the Ivy League faculty Lounges are willing to pay. These are real humanitarians.

This may also explain why blue collar voters in PA are strongly trending toward Trump:

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