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Biden’s New IRS Army Will Be Well-Armed

We’ve made the case that with 87,000 more IRS agents, the Biden administration will weaponize tax enforcement by targeting Republicans and conservatives for audits and harassment. Biden’s already done that with the FBI and Justice Department – as we’ve discovered with the outrageous raid on the Trump residence in Mara Lago. The Democrat’s agenda is to search and destroy those who stand in the way of their political agenda.

Now the folks at reports that the IRS is armed with real weapons – guns, ammo, and military equipment.

“The Internal Revenue Service, with its 2,159 ‘Special Agents,’ spent $21.3 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment between fiscal years 2006 and 2019. The agency stockpiled 4,500 guns and five million rounds of ammunition.”–openthebooks-oversight-report/

How many of the new 87,000 agents will be armed? And why does a tax collection agency need guns, anyway?

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